The most surprising thing happened to me a couple days ago. A stranger donated to my Olympic dream! Prior to this donation the only donations I have received were from family and frankly, I cant ask anymore of them. While I love this sport, I am constantly worrying whether I’ll have enough money to pay my bills and pay for the season. A competitive season costs approximately $8,000-$10,000. Right now I’m still paying law school loans. Since I don’t live at the training center I’m also paying all my living expenses. The season just started and while I’ve just getting the cobwebs out and trying to enjoy my first runs back I’m already worrying about the expenses of the upcoming season. To receive this random act of kindness from a stranger was not only much needed but greatly appreciated and inspiring. As I finally take my body and my sore neck go bed after my first two days of sliding I’m little less worried about the season knowing that I do have support out there! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!

Look for an update soon about the summer training and the upcoming team trial races. As always, think fast thoughts!!!!